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Fixing What Ails You When Your Smile Fails You

Your Pine Mountain restorative dentists know all too well about the delicious, irresistible foods available right here in West Georgia. On any given day you can have anything from delicious home-cooked fried chicken and expertly-smoked barbeque to mouthwatering steaks and decadent sandwiches.

But why is your dentist talking about food? Because when your teeth are in bad shape or failing you altogether, you miss out on life’s little pleasures like this. That’s not fair and it’s not what you deserve. There’s something that can put the bite back in your life and that’s restorative dentistry courtesy of your extended family at Pine Mountain Family Dentistry.

Even if you’re not ready to believe us yet, you can check out our smile gallery to see how your neighbors ranging from here in Pine Mountain to LaGrange are choosing restorative dentistry to bring back optimal oral and overall health. (For a life well lived.)

Restore. Renew. Relax

If your teeth are less than perfect, don’t sweat it. You’re not alone. There are so many people of all ages and stages in life who are experiencing the same thing. We see them every day in our Pine Mountain dental office and there’s nothing to feel embarrassed or ashamed about if you have issues with your smile. As we grow older it’s actually completely normal for you to experience some sort of dental dilemma both big and small — even if you brush and floss every day as directed. Like we said, life happens and sometimes you’re not to blame, especially in the event of an emergency.

Be the Change


When you take that initial step in caring for your smile’s imperfections, you’re going to realize that you’re having an impact not only on your oral health but on your overall health as well. It’s true! Your mouth is actually a mirror of what’s occurring elsewhere in your body.


Ready for restorative work now? There’s no excuse not to call your Pine Mountain restorative dentist today. We’re here to help, never to judge.


Sometimes the dentist delivers news you don’t necessarily want to hear. Like when they say you need a filling. How is this possible? You’ve been brushing and flossing. You care about your smile and we understand. However, it’s not always that easy. Life has a way of sneaking in and changing things when you least expect it.

You don’t have to worry. You have plenty of solutions to choose from that will extend the life of your natural teeth. This is what we’re all about and what we’re going to work hard every day to preserve and protect. Fillings these days come in all shapes and makes including:

  • Amalgam
  • Composite or tooth-colored fillings
  • Gold (if requested)

Dental decay is common and it’s not something you need to add to your stress level that’s already there. Relax, and talk to your Pine Mountain restorative dentist today about your options and solutions.

Porcelain Inlays/Onlays

Think of these unique dental restorations kind of like puzzle pieces. Their name pretty much sums up how they help to fix a damaged tooth. An inlay fits in the cusps of your teeth. The cusps are like the bumps and ridges on your teeth such as molars. The purpose of both porcelain inlays and onlays is to give you back your entire tooth structure and function. The end result is a natural-looking tooth that’s strong and bite that’s right.

Porcelain onlays and inlays are specially designed to last decades when your restorative dentist in Pine Mountain fits them precisely into your failing tooth. Thanks to our office’s state-of-the-art CEREC® technology, we can generally complete this type of restorative treatment fairly quickly so you and your smile can get back to business. If you have questions or want to learn more about how porcelain inlays and onlays work, please don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation with us.


Our CEREC® technology will change the way you think about crown and bridge restorations forever. Thanks to this revolutionary dental tool, we’re able to use precise digital impressions to create custom crowns and restorations that fit comfortably and blend perfectly with the rest of your smile. In addition to precisely fitted restorations, our CEREC® technology also allows you to get your crown measured, milled in our in-house lab, and placed all in one day! No more temporary crowns, multiple visits, and extended turn around times!

Most of our crowns are ceramic these days, but we still make gold and PFM crowns as well. These materials are durable and will help your restoration last for decades with proper care and regular visits to see your Pine Mountain restorative dentist. Your new dental crown gives your damaged tooth back its function so you have a stronger bite. Sometimes also called “caps,” crowns fit over your entire tooth above your gum line. Crowns are also part of a dental bridge. We can tailor a natural-looking prosthetic to replace a series of missing teeth. It’s anchored in place by your new beautiful crowns and bonded to your healthy teeth.


Are you missing a single tooth or multiple teeth? Are you tired of dealing with it? A partial denture could be a perfect solution for your dental restoration needs. Partials are a little different than dentures because they don’t replace an entire arch of teeth. Folks with missing teeth tend to like having a partial replacement because it can be easily removed without any help from your Pine Mountain restorative dentist or dental health professional. This is what makes partials different from dental bridges.

Removable dentures are reasonably priced as a means for replacing missing teeth, therefore making them an attractive option for a variety of patients. Your custom-made partial even helps your healthy teeth stop from shifting to compensate for the space where your now missing tooth once was. Getting fitted for your partials is easy, non-invasive without the need for surgery. If you’re interested in learning if partials are the right fit for you, schedule an appointment and let’s talk.


Forget what you know about “false teeth” of the past. With our modern digital impressions and advanced dental materials, we’re able to provide you with dentures like you’ve never seen before. Today’s dentures are more comfortable, less noticeable, and more natural. You’ll wake up wanting to wear them instead of dreading popping them in.

We understand that the thought of losing all of your teeth can be downright scary and give anyone anxiety. But your restorative dentist in Pine Mountain will tell you that there’s no reason to worry! Choosing dentures gives you more advantages than you think including:

  • An improved bite and ability to chew your food
  • Dentures have little restrictions on what foods you can eat
  • You won’t feel self-conscious about missing teeth
  • Dentures help to keep your face from haven a “sunken” appearance
  • Easy removal for proper brushing, cleaning, soaking

If you’ve been considering dentures, it’s time you talked to us! We’ll go over your options and take the very best care of you and your smile.


Bear with us here, we’re going to talk about two of the most disliked words in the dental dictionary — root canal. We know, we know. No one is going to jump for joy when they hear those words. However, a root canal is actually pretty effective at saving your tooth, and that’s always our goal — to conserve and protect your natural teeth so they last a lifetime.

A badly infected tooth usually requires a root canal so that your Pine Mountain restorative dentist can remove the infection before it turns into something called an abscess. If you’ve got an infected tooth, chances are you’re experiencing pain. It could be mild to very severe. Endodontics gets you out of pain! That’s why root canals aren’t bad. They help you feel better and have a healthier smile. Root canals are extremely effective at removing all your infected dental pulp and giving you back your smile. In many cases, your tooth might require a crown after completion of your root canal. If you need a root canal, relax. You’re in the right place. At Pine Mountain Family Dentistry we do most root canals in-house in the comfort of the office you know and the team you’re familiar with. If the case requires additional considerations, we may refer you to one of our trusted partners!

Oral Surgery

At Pine Mountain Family Dentistry, we go out of our way to keep every single tooth in your mouth healthy and functioning optimally so your smile lasts a lifetime. However, sometimes life happens and our teeth become damaged beyond repair. Some of the most common teeth and jaw surgeries could include:

  • Extractions
  • Wisdom Teeth Removal
  • Implant Placement
  • Soft Tissue Biopsy

If you have a tooth or teeth that are causing you issues, it’s time you scheduled an appointment with your restorative dentist in Pine Mountain. Because we’re all so unique, like our smiles, it’s hard to determine whether you would benefit from oral surgery. We have an office full of high-tech, digital diagnostic tools that can help us assess your situation and create custom treatment goals. If you are a candidate for surgery, don’t worry. We can complete many procedures in-office. So you’re not having to drive around town trying to find a referral office. You’re here with us, the gentle, caring team you know and trust.


Forget about the old x-rays from the past where you had to wear a lead vest and the dentist left the room. At Pine Mountain Family Dentistry, our technology is advanced because so is the care we provide to every patient of all ages. We’ve equipped our office with some of the very best tools to help us diagnose and treat your smile issues with more precision and more comfort — who doesn’t like that?

We offer:

  • Digital Photography – Your restorative dentist in Pine Mountain has powerful digital photos and x-rays that can help you both see exactly what’s going on inside your mouth. Every tooth can be carefully examined and diagnosed. Technology has come a long way since the days of x-ray films!
  • CEREC® – We’re proud to be the owners of this amazing piece of dental equipment, not just because it’s very cool, but more importantly how it makes life for you so much easier. CEREC or Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramics uses digital impressions to create custom crowns in our office. No more waiting or temporary crowns!
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